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May 24, 2016

Popcorn is one of QiQi’s favorite snacks, and our local bank branch offers free popcorn on Fridays. So after asking about it for days, QiQi got her dad to take us all to the bank today.

We were almost ready to leave, purses, shoes and water already in the car. I went to get the key for our gate, and heard Shellie mention that the police had been sitting in the driveway, just outside the closed gate, for a few minutes.

Our lifestyle is very unusual, and though we live by honor, integrity, and  a respect for all life, we do not follow all the rules. In fact, it is our understanding that many of the so called laws, really just statutes and codes, are in direct violation of the supreme law of this land, the Constitution of the United States of America. And these statutes and codes are also in direct violation of our God given rights, as well as our lawful rights under the Constitution.

Quinn, being a bold and courageous man of high honor and integrity, will not allow himself to live under tyrannical rule, and goes to great lengths to live in accordance with his values. Not only for his own integrity and self respect, but to show others that it CAN be done and to inspire them to also take a stand in their own way. Therefore, rather than driving a “car”, registered to the state, and insured by a megacorp, he travels in a private automobile, insured by a private bond. And rather than keep our land to the city codes, we cultivate the most life-supporting ecosystem we can there. At any given time, there are probably dozens of statutes and codes that we are not complying with.

In August of 2013, the city of Arlington tried to bully us into complying with their codes by sending a full  fledged SWAT raid, with dozens of armed guys, battle rams, machine guns and all. The officers participating had been briefed that we were armed and potentially dangerous. They came in ready to do battle with a narcotics cartel, but found a bunch of peace loving farmers and some women and children instead. Thankfully no people were killed or injured, though Quinn was arrested for some BS outstanding traffic crap. We were definitely all in very real danger on that day, and due process of law was way out the window.

So nowadays, if the police are lurking in our driveway, it is a very serious matter to us. After a few minutes of investigation with the other members of the community, Quinn realized that they had come in response to an foolishly made call to animal control about a stray male dog that had sniffing at our recently injured female dog’s rear all night and a day.

With that mystery solved, danger dispelled, we piled into the spacecraft and headed off to get our popcorn and chat with our favorite banker. When we got there the popcorn had run out, but Tom rustled up some cookies for the girls, which they ate way too many of.

The bank closed and we headed off again to pursue some other community business, stopping at a dumpster for some cardboard. As we were turning around in the street, a cop car drove by. We were right next to the Kennedale police station. We were momentarily perpendicular to the road on a side drive. The officer looked straight into our windshield as he drove past and likely saw QiQi standing up in the back, her head almost in the front seat.

Quinn pulled out looking into his rear view to see if the cop was going to follow us. He was. Quinn pulled into a nearby shopping center parking space, and the cop parked right behind us, lights blaring.

We have been in this position at least half a dozen times together, and Quinn has endured this even more times on his own. Every time it is stressful, yet every time we evade the worst of the possible outcomes. Usually there is some warning or even some citations. But when we get to drive away, and no one gets captured and imprisoned,  and we keep our spacecraft, I am SO relieved and  SO thankful.

According to the law, releasing us is what should happen. In fact, according to the real LAW, not the statutes and codes, we as citizens have the RIGHT- not the privilege- to travel freely on public roads without being hindered or harassed, whether we choose to strap our kids into special little seats or not. But we all know that things do not always happen as they should, that the system is super corrupt, and when it comes to dealing with power hungry gun wielding men, the worst case possible outcome is really, really, REALLY bad.

So today while we sat there as momentary captives, I put my hands together and prayed out loud. I prayed that Quinn would go free, and not be arrested for any of the old outstanding traffic BS I felt sure was on his “record”. I prayed they would let the car go free, and they would not try to impound it for some BS reason. I prayed that Quinn’s relationship with the local police would be better off for this exchange, that the officer dealing with him would see that he is a peaceful man of uncommon honor and integrity. I visualized the cop offering his respect and sending us on our way.

It always feels like it is forever that we are sitting there, blocked in and under investigation by men with guns. And as intense as it is for us girls, it must be way more for Quinn, who is really the one in the hot seat.  If anything shit is going down, it is most likely going to apply to him first, or only. He is the one who will have to go to court and deal with the judge and the corrupt “justice” system that is forcibly extorting him for money. He has never been the cause of a car accident to my knowledge, and yet still has to deal with the courts on a pretty regular basis, and it takes a lot of knowledge and persistence not to get ripped off by them.

The children were getting hot and fussy, asking to get out or to just go already. I did my best to communicate that this was a very serious situation without alarming or pressuring them, most of all letting them know we needed them to stay calm and be patient. They did pretty well considering their ages (2 and 4) and the heat that was building in the craft.

Sitting there I also considered each of our roles in being in the situation we were in.

QiQi may have been the one to request the trip and the one who drew the cop’s attention, but SHE IS FOUR! SO she is obviously NOT really responsible for any of what was happening. Sadly, in the past, I would likely have been tempted to blame her in some way, whether just on the inside or aloud as well. Gratefully, I am now aware and responsible enough not to be placing any blame on her for anything here. I did make sure that I took it upon myself, right then and there, to be WAY more diligent about monitoring their visibility when traveling in cars. I also explained to the girls just what was at stake- those cops might try to force Daddy to leave us and take him to jail, where he would be locked up in a nasty place and then have to spend hours doing work and going to court. They might try to take car, and at a very far stretch, but still possible, they just might try to take the kids themselves. They seemed to understand at least that it was really dangerous to be seen by them,

I knew that was the one who had been energetically nudging for the tiny adventure to happen, and generally when I want to go out and about it is just for the sake of the entertainment/amusement factor. Quinn has brought it to my awareness before that I allow myself to be motivated by a selfish and shallow desire for the fleeting pleasure of entertainment, amusement or satiating my addictions. He pointed out that there is really no benefit to anyone, including myself, in operating from such an unconscious and irresponsible place. When I was in that mode, I had little concern for how I was impacting the other living beings, nor even how I was truly impacting myself. When I was like that, I was just in mindless, brainwashed and programmed consumer slave mode. It comes up for me quite a bit, thinking about these little pleasures and entertainments, without thinking about how those activities really impact our environment and our global community.

Quinn considers so many things that are just not in my old paradigm programming- like sustainability, global responsibility, and integrity for starters. He does NOT spend money in restaurants, bars, grocery stores, movie theaters, malls, all the usual places where most people dump their money in exchange for some experience that will be momentarily satisfying and yet yield only declining value, if any at all. Quinn does not think of ever “spending” money, but only of investing it. If he makes a purchase, it is for him an investment, only. It must be something that will generate even greater value for our family and for his purpose, otherwise he is not interested.

I admire him so much for the high degree of consciousness, responsibility, and care that he applies to EVERYTHING he is a part of. Really, everything! It is amazing to see the way he interacts with everyone. I wish so much for myself to evolve into a more conscious,  responsible  and genuinely caring person. That is why right now I am looking at and acknowledging the many ways that I could step up my level of responsibility, consciousness and care in regards to the many facets of this situation.

First and foremost, the consideration I am most lacking is a deeper respect and consideration for Quinn and what he is doing with his life. Unlike me, he lives with great purpose. Every day he is putting A LOT on the line by standing up for freedom, justice, sustainability and responsibility. He does it because he cares so much about others, and also because he cares about himself- his honor, integrity, the truth of his existence. He does it all with little very help and support from others, as the matters he takes on are beyond the range of capability of just about everyone around him. He takes on all the stuff that the rest of us are too scared, disempowered, uneducated or just too busy/lazy to take on. He fights the battles not that are easy wins, but that are most needed to be fought. He refuses to EVER support or engage in things that he knows are destructive, dishonorable, corrupt and/or oppressive, even while these things are considered normal by mainstream society.

There are so many moments where I see the courage and honor that he demonstrates by his bold and defiant life. And yet there are more moments where it seems that I totally forget all of that and treat him like an ordinary Joe, which is actually SO disrespectful! If I actually want to honor and support this amazing man whom I do love deeply and dearly, the first step should be to really see who he is, keep it in mind and honor that.

Really, if I were going to truly honor the courage, honor and purpose with which he lives, not to mention his high level of awareness and intelligence, I would defer to his opinion in every matter of importance. Not because he has a penis and I have a vagina. But because of who he IS!!!!

It is INSANE for me to know that he is not only living to serve the greater good, but that he is FAR more intelligent, aware, knowledgeable, intuitive and generally capable than I am, and STILL I sometimes, okay, often, second guess him or worse, I work against him!

When I am clear and I consider how this is sometimes the truth, I am aware of just how crazy it is. I take note, and hope it sticks more firmly in my fragmented consciousness, yet in the past, I just wind up doing the same thing I already told myself not to do a dozen times that week.

On this particular day, my realization of truth seemed particularly profound, and I have helped solidify this awareness into my consciousness by meditating on it and writing about it here.

I want SO much to help and serve my family, to support everyone and to be a part of making our lives better easier, richer. And so I am aware that I must not only step up my own awareness and respect for what Quinn is doing with his life, but also I must take greater responsibility for helping him! Rather than holding him back and wasting his time by asking for silly trips for popcorn.

He was sent away with a handful of citations, which will cost our family dozens of hours of his time in drafting court documents and then filing them, etc.

The only real benefit to this whole excursion was the perspective I gained, which I can feel is already making such a significant impact on my relationship to Quinn. I sincerely hope this benefit will far and away outweigh the cost.

I am more motivated and focused than ever on serving and supporting my family, my community and the greater global community that we serve.

With Love,


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