This version of this blog was written back in 2011+12.

Now in 2016, I have picked up writing again, now more conscious, evolved and candid than ever.

The new blog is at http://www.TrueLoveLives.us

~ ~ ~

From 2012:

I am True Love.

I Live.

Here I am, exploring myself through a dynamic experience in a three dimensional reality full of seeming dualities.

Here I share my adventures and explorations in life and in my own conscious awakening.

My life is rather outside the norm, and I love this.

My life is now a beautiful reflection of my consciousness, my values, my ever-expanding self. It is only getting better and better all the time as I know and embrace my true self more fully.

Love, Freedom, Truth, conscious awareness, responsibility and authenticity are among my core values, of utmost importance in shaping my life. I have my own definition of what those things to me which may differ from what they mean to you. For example, Love, I consider to be the magnificently benevolent Force which brings everything into being, takes utter joy and delight in all its own creation, and compels expansion. Freedom I consider to be true liberation at all levels of our being, from the depths of our hearts and minds, to the agreements we make with others. Truth, I consider to be the resonant feeling of what is True for ME. Conscious awareness and responsibility are the best tools I am aware of for coming into more perfect alignment with that which I desire to be- living, breathing, walking, talking Love, Freedom and Truth. Authenticity is to me a declaration of Truth for all to witness.

I now live in a place called the Garden of Eden, a beautiful farm in Texas at the edge of the Dallas-Fort Worth. With me is my sweet and vivacious baby girl Inoquinn Dianayla. Her father, Quinn Eaker, master of consciousness and social revolutionary, is the space holder for this place and everything that goes on here. Also a part of our household is Shellie Smith, a woman deeply in love with Life and with Quinn. After sharing her self, her life and her home with Quinn for years, and hearing of his True Love for me and the child we begat, she gave Quinn the rights to her property, and invited me with open arms to live here and co-create a space of love. The brilliant and demure Adrienne Carmack, along with her three small children occupy the third major suite in this palace, the smallest of her three also fathered by Quinn. And last but not least, we have LoveOn Tobias and her daughter Loey who joined us recently in a role of service and support, and has also lent us much joy and insight. LoveOn is our resident anthropologist and also has a blog here on wordpress called “Harvesting Life in the garden of Eden”.





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“Love Ever True”

The Story of How Quinn, Shellie and I Came to Live In Love Together

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